PhD in Communication Sciences, by the University of Minho, in the 2012, Sérgio Denicoli carries out a Post-Doc researcher project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for the Science and Technology.

He studies Political Economy of Communication and Digital Communication. He is the author of  “TV digital: sistemas, conceitos e tecnologias” and editor of the e-book “Digital Communication Polices in the Information Society Promotion“, both published in 2012.

Denicoli is a former Lecturer in the University of Minho, Lusophone University of Oporto, Fluminense Federal University, FAESA and UVV (Vila Velha University), the last three in Brazil.


Information about the Post-Doc research project

Title: “Internet Content Regulation: A global analysis from the European and Portuguese view”

Supervisors: Helena Sousa (CECS – UMinho) and Maria Michalis (University of Westminster – UK)

Description: The Internet is already accessed by more than 2 billion users. The continuous growth of the World Wide Web has raised the discussions on the regulation of online content. This project aims to contribute to the integration of Portugal in the international debate around this subject that involves issues such as child protection, copyright, privacy, e-commerce, surveillance, etc. The main objective is to make a critical study about the Internet content regulation in Europe, compared to regulatory initiatives that are being developed around the world.