Sheila Khan is a sociologist, currently a postdoctoral researcher on the EXCHANGE project (2015-2020), funded by the European Research Council. Ph.D. in Ethnic and Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick has in her academic career focused on postcolonial studies, with a special focus on relations between Mozambique and Portugal.

Among the themes, she has worked on are: contemporary Mozambican and Portuguese history and literature, narratives of life and identity from the Global South, authorities of memory and memory as a duty of memory and civic courage. Her most recent publications are: “Portugal with colored pencils. South of a post-coloniality”(Almedina, 2015) and “Visits to João Paulo Borges Coelho. Readings, Dialogues and Futures” (Nazir Can, Sandra Sousa, Leonor Simas-Almeida and Isabel Ferreira Gould, Colibri, 2017).