PhD in Performing Arts (Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts of the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA / 2016-CAPES scholarship), on “Creation in dance moved by cultural transits between Brazil and Portugal”. Master in Dance (Postgraduate Program in Dance-UFBA /2011-FAPESB Scholarship). Specialization in Contemporary Dance Studies (Postgraduate Program in Dance-UFBA /2008). Degree in Sound and Image from the Portuguese Catholic University (2006).

Author of the book “African Dances and Interculturality in Portugal” (2014). Teacher of the Choreographic Research and Contemporary Dance disciplines in the Performing Arts degree at ESTAL/Lisbon School of Technology and Arts (2016/2017). Currently teaches the discipline of Contemporary Dance at the school/company Arte Total (Braga).

Since 1989, she develops artistic activities of creation, training and research, tracing a multidisciplinary trajectory in the transits between various body languages ​​(classical, contemporary dance, African and Afro-Brazilian dances), and between various contexts of doing-thinking dance (academic, artistic and popular). She is interested in body arts as a context for experimentation and transformation of different worldviews. Her research has been devoted to studying the creative process in dance, displacements and their consequent intertwining, intercultural dialogue, postcolonialism, alterity and difference.