PhD in Communication Sciences by the Research Centre in Communication and Society of the University of Minho, research line Media and Journalism. She is a journalist at the Federal University of Pará (Brazil). She collaborates with the research group “Mídia e Violência: Representações e Percepções na Amazônia” (Media and Violence: Representations and Perceptions in the Amazon) and “Narrativas Contemporâneas na Amazônia Paraense” (Contemporary Narratives in the Pará Amazon), both certified by the National Council for Scientific Development and Technological Development.

Among her publications are co-authored scientific articles, such as “Amazonia in pieces: discourses on the division of Pará in the Correio do Tocantins newspaper” and “News sources on fire day in the Amazon: a Brazilian case study“.

She focuses on journalism, environment, narratives, hermeneutics and qualitative research methodologies.