CECS researcher gives training on the theme “Learning with the news: kit for teachers”

Maria José Brites, a researcher at CECS where she is part of the Media and Journalism Group, and is a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of researcher Manuel Pinto, is responsible for a training on the theme “Learning from the news: kit for teachers”, which began in October, at the Filipa de Vilhena Secondary School, in Porto (Guilhermina Suggia Training Center) and continues until January 2018.

There are four modules that make up this action that counts on the support of the CECS: “Literacy and Media” (6 hours), “Journalism goes to School” (10 hours), “Media Brings Democracy?” (2 hours) and “Let’s Transform?” (3 hours), in addition to the final evaluation (4 hours).

The training, aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, special education teachers and specialized technicians with teaching functions, lasts for 25 hours. It began on October 23rd and had one more session in the same month (26th). In November it continues on days 2, 6, 9, 13 and 23, ending on January 11, 2018.