CECS researcher publishes new book

The book Contributos dos Estudos da Ciência e Tecnologia para a Sustentabilidade: Da Inovação Aberta à Relevância do Tempo [Contributions of Science and Technology Studies to Sustainability: From Open Innovation to the Relevance of Time], by Paula Urze and Emília Rodrigues Araújo, has just been published.

“Over the last few years, the field of social studies focusing on science, technology, and innovation has expanded and proved essential in understanding the implications and contours of scientific and technological development. It offers a critical approach to what are commonly regarded as the driving forces of social change (Araújo & Urze, 2021). They have thus been instrumental in understanding dimensions related to the values, ethics, and assumptions shaping the dynamics of science within political and social contexts, which, as Gibbons et al. (1994) propose, are increasingly complex and guided by principles centred on quantitative assessment and the pursuit of immediate applicability of scientific breakthroughs valued in an economy centred on the commercialisation of future risk.” [Introductory note]

[Posted: 25-03-2024]