Researcher of the AUDIRE project exhibits at MAAT

Extinction calls is a sound installation that appeals to listening as a way of reconnecting with the environment. Promoting sound encounters with extinct and critically endangered bird species, this production is a proposal to recover the enchantment of bird communication. It premiered at MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), in Lisbon, on June 10, and can be heard until January 2021.

The project was commissioned to the artist Cláudia Martinho, who has been a member of the research team of the project “Audire: saving sound memories” since April 2020. Architect, PhD in Sonic Arts from the University of London, at CECS, Cláudia Martinho works in the field of sound studies, sound culture and acoustic aesthetics. He is also interested in creative sound practices, sound art, acoustic environments, sound walking and psychoacoustics.

Link to MAAT:

[Posted: 22-06-2020]