CECS researchers train postcoloniality at D. Maria II Secondary School

“The narratives of history and postcoloniality. Myths, concepts and issues” is the generic title of two short-term training actions (ACD), which will be taught by CECS researchers to 2nd and 3rd cycle History and Portuguese teachers (basic and unified), at the Centre Association of Braga-Sul School Association. The ACDs are scheduled for January 31st and February 7th, between 18h00 and 21h00, at D. Maria II Secondary School, in Braga.

The first ACD will deal with “Colonialism vs. Postcolonialism” and “Social Representations of Colonialism: the History Manuals and the Cinema”; the second will deal with the themes “Luso-tropicalism vs Strategic Communication”; and “Portugality” vs Lusophonias. The trainers of these actions are the researchers Isabel Macedo, Pedro Rodrigues Costa, Sheila Khan and Vítor de Sousa.

This initiative stems from a project developed by CECS, co-ordinated by Pedro Rodrigues Costa and Vítor de Sousa, entitled “Rotary Seminars in Secondary Schools – School Year 2019/2020”. The aim is to deconstruct issues associated with the problems of colonialism and postcolonialism and is inscribed in the Virtual Museum of Lusophony as an intercultural possibility. The project team is composed, besides the coordinators, by Ana Macedo, Edson Capoano, Fernando Lopes, Isabel Macedo, Rosa Cabecinhas and Sheila Khan.

This training is the result of a proposal made at the teacher training centres in the north of the country in July 2019.

[Posted: 06-01-2020]