CECS researchers at the Transmedia Literacy International Conference

The Transmedia Literacy International Conference took place between 22 and 24 March in Barcelona, ​​marking the end of the European project Transmedia Literacy. The CECS participated in the conference with the presence of five researchers: Sara Pereira, Pedro Moura, Joana Fillol, Inês Amaral and Patrícia Silveira.

On the second day of the congress, Sara Pereira, Pedro Moura and Joana Fillol presented the communication “The informal meets the formal: Portuguese outcomes of the Transliteracy research project”, explaining the gap between the school and the informal learning strategies adopted by young people .

The group of CECS researchers had an active participation in the launching of the book “Teens, media and collaborative cultures: exploiting teens’ transmedia skills in the classroom”, edited by Carlos Alberto Scolari. Sara Pereira and Pedro Moura were authors of the chapter on production skills.

The participation of the CECS was also attended by the researchers Inês Amaral and Patrícia Silveira in a workshop about digital literacy and gender violence on the Internet.

The Transmedia Literacy International Conference was also marked by the publication of the White Paper, which seeks to systematize the project’s findings to a wider audience.