IV Colloquium Mediation in Dialogue: Mediation in times of crisis: through dialogue, diversity and development

The IV Mediation in Dialogue Colloquium will take place on May 21, at 2:30 pm, and aims to celebrate the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This date, recognized by the United Nations in 2002, seeks to celebrate the richness of the world’s cultures and their essential role in intercultural dialogue to achieve peace and sustainable development.

Mediation is essential for the development of sustainable, humanistic, peaceful, and critical societies and its expansion is essential for the development of democratic and solidary leaders, for the education of autonomous and self-determined people, for the development of processes of personal and collective evolution responsible.

Valuing and celebrating diversity and dialogue, deepening and enhancing the development of mediation, reflecting on the challenges facing societies and mediation in times of crisis are the objectives of this International Online Colloquium in which you are invited to participate.

Participation is free, upon registration until May 20 at https://forms.gle/EUdDomRKGyx4DjCo6

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[Published: 15-05-2020]