IV FILM: “What competencies for the Digital Revolution?”

The IV FILM – Informal Forum on Media Literacy with the theme “What competencies for the Digital Revolution?” Will take place next December 6, at the National Council of Education, in Lisbon.

In line with several international institutions, Portugal has sought to respond to the educational challenges posed by the digital revolution, in particular through guidelines that support public policies and change pedagogical practices. At an operational level, it is worth mentioning a recent initiative aimed at achieving the qualification of 80% of the Portuguese population with basic digital skills: the Portugal INCoDe.2030 initiative. Both the assumptions of this and the documents referred to underlie the idea that the challenges posed by the digital revolution require mastery of a complex set of competences, encompassing not only those related to the access and use of technology or the production of new understanding, evaluation and critical analysis of the contents and their effects. Nevertheless, on the ground, we found often the difficulty of articulating digital and technological literacy with media literacy and information literacy.

Starting at 10.30, the IV FILM counts with the participation of Manuel Pinto, in the first panel on “Digital and media skills: what are we talking about?” and Sara Pereira, in the moderation of the third panel, in the afternoon, titled “Digital and media skills: with what networks?”.

Admission is free.

More information here.

[Text published 19-11-2018]