IX CILB: Luso-Brazilian International Colloquia

The IX CILB: International Luso-Brazilian Colloquia will take place between 20 and 25 November. The meeting aims to promote reflection on these issues from a global perspective.

The inextricable dialectic between War & Peace, “correlative expressions” (Proudhon) on an existential and conceptual level, justifies their enshrinement in unavoidable titles, such as the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1861) and Tolstoy (1867).

Inscribed in the history of mankind, they pace life and death, treaties and conspiracies, myths and projects, dreams and nightmares, utopias and dystopias, in an unrestrained oscillation through the ‘universals’ (e.g. human rights) designed to guide it.

The boundaries between them are diffuse and metamorphic, corresponding to their variations and the way in which they coexist and are inscribed in each other: on the ground, in politics, in the economy, in information, in cyberspace…

In a globalised world in crisis, between scenarios of war and peace, tragedy and commentary, what place for Humanity, what space for Humanism? What theories profile them? What modalities express them? How are they manifested in the Arts and Letters?

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[Posted: 19-09-2023]