Joaquim Costa presents Novel “Delirium Literarium” in Braga

CECS’ researcher Joaquim Costa, affiliated in the Cultural Studies group, is the author of the upcoming novel “Delirium Literarium”, that is going to be presented by Conceição Carrilho on 25th March 2017, 3:30 pm, in Braga, at the Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Public Library. Edited by Chiado Editora, the book is part of the collection “Viagens na Ficção” [Fictional Travelling].

Book description
Ramiro was born in Funchal and lives in Braga. After suffering claims of unprofessional behaviour and poor mental sanity, he is expulsed from a university where he had been a Lecturer and a ongoing researcher in sociology. Already in the middle age, finally he was able to do what he dreamed: go home and read the great literature that he had left behind in the pursuit of a mediocre profession. Then he changes his bed location for his library. He lives alone. His daily routine was nothing but reading and drinking. As he enters into the books, he gets out of his mental sanity. He tries to sum up his life through a novel, a poem, etc. He wanders around the house, thinking about various excerpts, from short to larger ones. He is now never outside, but the first time that he did, it was a perfect disaster. He got confused with other authors, event in the sleeping time.

The four days narrated in the book follow Ramiro in the reading of Quixote. He falls in love with the work, but it is a displeasure to him that the gentleman of the Mancha died in bed, perfectly aware of the world and in permanent denial of the literature, thus threatening his niece of dispossessing her. On the last day, Ramiro does not die, does not remain lucid (on the contrary) and honours the literature through the sketch of testament that declares to the family.