John Downey at the last doctoral seminar of the year

John Downey, a British researcher, was the guest of the last Doctoral Seminar on Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies for the 2018/2019 school year.

With a lecture titled “Populism in and by the Media during the 2016 US Referendum Campaign in the UK”, the researcher from the Center for Research in Communication and Culture in the UK, presented the results of his research on the mediatization of populist discourses in policy, from the analysis of British media in the period of Brexit.

In this study, John Downey applied the work of the Frankfurt School to the study of media and communication, seeking to understand how a project of populist power is born and how it is constructed in the media, namely through discursive resources.

The debate, which focused on the case of the United Kingdom, spread to the United States of America, from Trump, and to Brazil, from Bolsonaro.

John Downey is Director of the Center for Research in Communication and Culture in Loughborough, UK, and is Director of the ESRC Midlands Graduate School Doctoral Training Partnership.

[Posted: 31-05-2019]