Conference on Pandemic and Communication brings “The Researchers’ View” to Coimbra

“The Researchers’ View” is the central theme of the third Conference on Pandemic and Communication, to take place on June 1, at the Amphitheatre III of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coimbra University (UC).

Experts from various Research Centres and Universities from all over the country will discuss what changed in Journalism and Communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The opening session will be at 10 am, with the director of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Albano Figueiredo, the coordinator of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Coimbra, José Oliveira Martins, and the researcher of CEIS20/Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Clara Almeida Santos.

The first round table, is scheduled for 10.30 am on “Portuguese journalism in times of pandemics”. Isabel Ferin Cunha (ICNOVA/UC), Carlos Camponez and João Miranda (CEIS20/UC), Pedro Jerónimo (LabCom/UBI) and Gil Ferreira (ESEC) are the participants of a session moderated by Catarina Burnay, researcher of the CECC/Faculty of Humanities of the Portuguese Catholic University. The second round table starts at 2.30pm, , moderated by João Figueira, from CEIS20/UC. Gisela Gonçalves (LabCom/UBI), Marta Pinto (UP) and Felisbela Lopes and Rita Araújo, researchers from the CECS/Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho will also participate.

Each table will be commented by a professional: journalist Hugo Gilberto (RTP) and Vítor Cunha, Director of João Líbano Monteiro e Associados. The closing session, scheduled for 4.30pm, will be led by Ana Teresa Peixinho, from the CEIS20/UC.

The Conference on Pandemic and Communication is an initiative of the researchers Felisbela Lopes and Rita Araújo (CECS/University of Minho), Clara Almeida Santos and Ana Teresa Peixinho (CEIS20/Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra), Catarina Duff Burnay (CECC/Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University) and Olga Estrela Magalhães (CINTESIS/Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto).

The first Conference took place at the University of Minho, on November 17 2021, on “The Assessors’ View”. On “The View of Decision-Makers”, the second Conference was held on March 11, at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon. The fourth Conference is plannedto be devoted to “The Journalists’ View” and held at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP).The date is to be confirmed.

[Posted: 26-05-2022]