International Conference on School Violence and Inclusion in November

Will take place between November 14 and 16, the International Days on School Violence and Inclusion. The event consists of three seminars, one each day. “School Violence: Discrimination, Bullying and Responsibility in Basic Education” is the theme of the first seminar to be held at 5:00 pm at the Francisco de Holanda Training Center in Guimarães.

The second day starts at 10:00 a.m. and is dedicated to the theme “From school to the university: bullying, prejudice, personality and ideology”. This seminar will take place in the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho. See the detailed program here.

The third and last seminar, under the theme “Professional Inclusion and Social Interaction of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Brazil, APAE case of São Paulo”, will take place in Porto, at the Center for Education and Integrated Professional Training, at 10:00 am.

[Text published 16-10-2018| changed as of 10-30-2018]