Josenildo Guerra: “The objective of the evaluation is to promote the discussion”

The assessment of the fulfillment and accountability of the editorial commitments assumed by the media was discussed at the Permanent Seminar on Media Education. Josenildo Guerra, a professor at the Federal University of Sergipe who is taking a postdoctoral internship at UMinho / CECS, was the driving force behind the session.

The software Q-Evalu and the model developed by Josenildo Guerra gave the motto to the discussion. The researcher sought to systematically evaluate the visible efforts of accountability by 12 Portuguese and Brazilian information agencies. These efforts were related to the ability of the evaluated media to show publicly that they fulfill what they intend to do in their editorial projects. The evaluation seeks to be “a scientifically oriented intervention in journalistic activity”, according to Josenildo Guerra, as well as a contribution to the promotion of media literacy. “The objective of the evaluation is to promote the discussion,” said the researcher, for whom the questioning of the evaluation criteria by the public is a relevant contribution to the promotion of reflection on the media.

Josenildo Guerra holds post-doctoral training at the University of Minho under the supervision of Manuel Pinto, a CECS’ researcher.