Julia Alves Brazil: new PhD in Cultural Studies

The doctoral exams in Cultural Studies (field of expertise in Communication and Culture) by Julia Alves Brasil were held on March 6 (2:30 pm), in the ICS auditorium of UMinho (Braga). The thesis is supervised by Rosa Cabecinhas, an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at UMinho and a researcher in CECS, and is entitled “Latin America in Focus: Identity Processes and Social Representations between Latin American Migrants and Non-Migrants”.

According to Julia Alves razil, the thesis aimed to analyze how the identity processes of individuals from different Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile and Mexico) are configured “from their social representations associated with Latin America, the Latin Americans and to the history from the dynamics of social belonging in a Latin American context”, between individuals who were born and currently live in these three countries and in the context of migration, between individuals who have migrated to Portugal and Spain.