Book launched on Ibero-American Journals of Communication Within the Policy of Knowledge Dissemination

The book Ibero-American Journals of Communication Within the Policy of Knowledge Dissemination: Trends, Constraints and the Challenges of New Strategies, edited by Cicilia M. Krohling Peruzzo, Moisés de Lemos Martins and Rodrigo Gabrioti, has just been launched.

This book is the product of discussions, the exchange of ideas and research on the conditions and policies for the dissemination of scientific production in Communication and related topics. These include the criteria for indexing journals, the metrics systems for assessing impact, the criteria and hierarchies in the circulation of the knowledge produced, the importance of open access and the dissemination of knowledge in different languages — Portuguese, Spanish and English — in the Ibero-American space. Debates, for more than six years, provided by the Fórum de Publicações e Difusão de Conhecimento Científico (Forum on Publication and Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge) of the Confederação Ibero-Americana das Associações Científicas e Acadêmicas de Comunicação (Confibercom; Ibero-American Confederation of Scientific and Academic Communication Associations).

The work assembles the contribution of Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American authors, who, other than analysing crucial aspects of the international operating mechanisms for scientific dissemination, suggest new approaches to break down barriers and promote greater democratisation of Ibero-American scientific knowledge on Communication among their own countries and in the world. In this book, the 14 contributing authors seek to echo, in society as a whole, the many voices from Latin America and other Portuguese-, Galician-, Catalan- and Spanish-speaking countries that have much to say to the world through research in Communication.

[Posted: 19-07-2021]