“Liberdade à Deriva” (Freedom Adrift)

The first-year students of the Master’s in Communication, Art and Culture at the University of Minho are promoting the 3rd edition of Deriva on May 15 at the Gualtar campus, a day dedicated to intervention and cultural cooperation/collaboration at the University.

The 2024 edition is conceptually allied to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of April 25 and has been named ‘Liberdade à Deriva’ (Freedom Adrift).

The organisation of Deriva this year aims to associate the knowledge learned in the classroom with a project that breaks the boundaries of the classroom, through its materialisation, raising the flag of reciprocity with the rest of the academic community, which is invited to be an integral part of Deriva, as well as building bridges between the course, professionals in the field, artistic and cultural institutions and the community in which it is immersed and participatory.

It also seeks to make the MA in Communication, Art and Culture visible to local entities, organisations and companies, and to the protagonists of culture in Portugal.

[Posted: 08-05-2024]