eBook “Opinião pública nos média em Portugal: quem participa e porquê?” is now available

Edited by the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS), University of Minho, the ebook Opinião pública nos média em Portugal: quem participa e porquê? [Public opinion in the media in Portugal: who participates and why ?], by Fábio Ribeiro, researcher at CECS, is now available. The ebook has a foreword written by Madalena Oliveira, also a researcher at CECS, entitled  “O acento da participação na gramática dos média” [The accent of participation in the grammar of the media], and the afterword “Os média e a participação. Reflexões sobre uma interação complexa” [Media and participation. Reflections on a complex interaction) written by Juan José Perona, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Based on the author’s doctoral thesis, this ebook seeks to identify a profile of participants in public opinion formats, from cases such as the Fórum TSF [TSF Forum], from TSF – Radio Notícias, Opinião Pública [Public Opinion], SIC Notícias, the Cartas do Leitor [Letters of the Reader], Jornal de Notícias, and the comments to online news,  of the digital version of Público newspaper.

Understanding the motivations and the difficulties experienced by participants in these spaces, it was concluded that there is a strong affection for these formats, people who expressed great intervention initiative in media public space, tend to very loyal to programs of this nature.

The publication is available in open access here