Book published by IGO Global with chapter in the framework of a CECS project

Pedro Andrade, a researcher at CECS, was invited in 2016 to write a chapter of the book Innovative Perspectives on Tourism Discourse, edited by Magdalena Bielenia-Grajewska (University of Gdansk, Poland) and Enriqueta Cortes de los Rios (Almeria University, Spain), and recently published by the American publisher IGI Global. The chapter is entitled “Cultural e-Tourism Depicted by Digital Discourse: Innovative Mobilities at Urban e-Heritage Networks”. This text presents, at international level, one of the aspects of the Mobile Culture for Tourism Communication project, co-coordinated by the author with Emília Araújo at the CECS. In the mentioned chapter, is addressed the context of the mobilities and the associated ideas; are mentioned the cultural controversies of electronic tourism and heritage, and proposed solutions and recommendations and prospect the future research.
The work is indexed, among others, in the Thompson Reuters and Scopus indexes.

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