Book on Science and Language Policies presented at the Utopia Festival

The book Science and Language Policies, Scientific Publishing and Academic Rankings, authored by Moisés de Lemos Martins and Helena Pires, will be presented at the Utopia Festival in Braga. The session is scheduled for November 4 at 5 pm at Galeria do Paço and will be attended by Helena Machado and Paulo Serra.

Over the past half-century, the scientific field has experienced remarkable growth. In Portugal, the last two decades have witnessed an intensification of research activities in all areas. Despite the significant increase in results, contemporary science policies raise concerns, prompting a profound reflection on the strategic decisions of governing and management institutions. Presently, challenges such as insufficient funding, quality standards and overemphasis on metrics, evaluation systems and rankings require public discussion, and so does the hegemony of English as the language of knowledge production and the empirical model over theory and critical thinking, as well as the career prospects of researchers. Science and Language Policies, Scientific Publishing and Academic Rankings compiles contributions from a 2021 debate held on the 20th anniversary of the Communication and Society Research Centre, which sought to identify and critically examine these issues. It is, therefore, an invitation to engage in an unsettled and questioning reading about the (mis)paths of science.

The Utopia Literary Festival celebrates the finest innovations found across all arts, branches of science, and realms of knowledge. Despite the unchanged technical features of books over the past few centuries, they remain instrumental in understanding the world and continue to serve as the foremost conveyors of enduring cultural wealth, even in an era of rapid acceleration.

For 11 days, Braga becomes the epicentre, container, and driving force, propelling the finest offerings within the realm of books. Embracing all cultures and expressions and respecting and encouraging diversity will be the gateway to the meeting of all those who unite and express themselves through books. With significant media potential and over 100 guests, the event harnesses the collective energy of the city’s institutions — universities, libraries, bookshops, and cultural agents — to showcase renowned authors and pave the way for international replication.

[Posted: 20-10-2023]