More than 30 CECS researchers attend SOPCOM XI Congress

It starts on November 13 and lasts three days: the XI Congress of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM) will take place on the island of Madeira and its theme is “Communication and Tourism as expressions of Culture”.

More than three dozen CECS researchers will be present at this congress with diverse panel work devoted to the discussion on “Cinema, Migrations and Interculturality”, “Organizational and Institutional Communication”, “Visual Culture”, “Economy and Communication Policies”, “Television Studies”,”Epistemology and Philosophy of Communication”, “Gender and Sexualities”, “Advertising”, “Radio and Sound”, “Semiotics”, “Cyberculture”, “Intercultural Communication”, “Journalism and Society”, “Movies’ Studies”, “History of Communication” and “Communication, Tourism and Territory”.

The congress organization states that “participants are invited to develop an interdisciplinary reflection, not only on the role of Communication in boosting Tourism, but also on Communication and Tourism as expressions of Culture”. “In 2017, we took stock of 20 years of research in Communication Sciences in Portugal. In 2019, we will put into perspective emerging paths, linking Communication with Tourism and Culture”, they explain.

The full program is here.

[Posted: 11-11-2019]