Manuel Gama and Maria José Brites in the second session of the PhD Seminars 2016-2017

The second session of the PhD Seminars 2016-2017 edition is scheduled for Friday, March 24. It starts at 10h30 at Sala deReuniões – Institute of Social Sciences. These seminars are organised by CECS and the Department of Communication Sciences.

The speakers of this session are the FCT-CECS Post-doctoral scholarship students Maria José Brites* (Participatory research on youth and news) and Manuel Gama* (Mapping of cultural networks).

Participation is free.

* Maria José Brites – FCT postdoc scholarship (SFRH/BPD/92204/2013); PhD in Communication Sciences (FCSH-UNL); Lecturer at the Lusófona University of Porto; Animator of the ANLite Media blog (, and CECS’ investigator (Media & Journalism Group).

** Manuel Gama – FCT postdoc fellow (SFRH/BPD/101985/2014); PhD in Cultural Studies (UMinho-UAveiro). Coordinator of the Observatory of Cultural and Artistic Policies of the CECS; Teacher at the IPVC since 2009; Director, Cultural Manager and Actor since 1994 and CECS’ investigator (Cultural Studies Group).