Manuel Pinto, member of the jury of the Evens Prize for Media Education 2017

The researcher Manuel Pinto, coordinator of the CECS Media and Journalism Research Group, was in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, from September 21 to 22 for the Evens Foundation Media Education conference, invited as a member of the jury. On the first day of the ‘Media Meets Literacy Conference’, he participated in the Breakout Sessions: Part 2: ‘The MIL Curriculum and Teaching Critical Skills in Schools’ – discussion with Alicja Pacewicz (CEO, Poland); Tijana Femic Bumbic (Novi Sad School of Journalism, Serbia); Carole Helpiquet (Clemi, France); and moderated by Kari Kivinen (European School Network, Finland) [Complete programe, here]
In 2009, the first Evens Prize for Media Education was awarded to two organizations: the British Film Institute (BFI) and the University of Minho, Portugal. They both developed a project proposal that convinced the external jury. The University of Minho proposal included the production of three booklets aimed at parents: one is about watching television, another about mobile telephony, and the third about social network sites. The intention is to sensitize the parents directly and arm them so that they can educate their children about these issues in an informed and responsible way. These three booklets are translated from Portuguese so that they can be distributed on a wider scale.