Marcus Leaning opened the “Trial in Error II”

Marcus Leaning opened the “Trial and Error II – Innovation and trends between the classroom and the company”, the 4th Conference of the Temporary Working Group of ECREA about Research in Journalism and Communication Education.

The professor at the University of Winchester was one of the main lecturers of the first day and addressed the involvement of students with the media through digital tools. “What do the students engage with?” Leaning asked, referring to some studies and approaches worked around the world. According to the English researcher, it is necessary to think about the involvement of students in differents levels related to the university, programs, the assessment, lessons or activities.

According to Marcus Leaning, in this context it is important to equate problems such as the impact of technological determinism and the way technology directly influences the actions of social transformation.

The conference will take place between 10 and 11 May and is organized by CECS, with researchers Sandra Marinho (Coordinator), Madalena Oliveira, Luís António Santos and Elsa Costa e Silva as local organising committee.

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