MILOBS: “Media at home” initiative

The social isolation we have experienced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 leads us to the space of our home and to greater interaction, even if more distant, with the members of our family. We reinvented the way of working, studying and relating, using technologies. At home, we spend more time with each other, but also with the media. These bring news from a world that is now even more mediatized, provide entertainment and escape, captivate children’s attention and take up a lot of their time. We do not always know how to manage the relationship of young people with the media well, keep them safe online, enable them to know how to analyze and verify the avalanche of information they receive and that they can so easily share without being aware that they may be contributing to misinformation. As we are threatened by this pandemic, we can also take risks by accessing and sharing incomplete, deficient or false information.

From April 3, and on a weekly basis, MILObs – Observatory on Information, Media and Literacy – and GILM – Informal Group on Media Literacy – launch proposals for simple activities with the aim of promoting Literacy for the Media of children and young people. The “Media at home” initiative suggests activities that can be carried out at home, independently by young people, or with the support of parents or, at a distance, with that of teachers. Suggestions of films, cartoons, books, games, and other quality content are also offered for this audience so that the time spent at home with the media can be fun but also healthy.

Activity proposals, in the form of a form, are available under Activities. The first – “What do children do with the media at home?” – can be consulted here. Then, in Suggestions, you will find tips for television programs, books or games and there are also sites that can be useful at this time, gathered in Useful links. It also opens up the possibility for children and young people to share drawings, films, podcasts or other productions, under the tab Made at home.

[Posted: 06-04-2020]