MILObs promotes a cycle of seminars “Present and future of media literacy – contributions for a new agenda”

“Media literacy in the last decade: analysis of a worrying reductionism” is the theme of the next MILObs seminar, which will be held on June 15 at 3 pm, in digital format, open to all interested parties, upon registration.

The seminar will also be the first of a cycle that will continue after the summer break, which aims to contribute to thinking about the present and the future of media literacy, at a time when we are confronted with old and new challenges that are no longer just a time of change, but a real change of era.

The initial intervention will be by Manuel Pinto, co-coordinator of MILObs and researcher at the Centre for Communication and Society Studies, and will be followed by a debate. Sara Pereira (co-coordinator of MILObs and researcher at CECS) will be in charge of the moderation.


  • Teachers and educators from all levels of education and teaching;
  • Researchers of communication, culture and education issues;
  • Media professionals;
  • Political decisions makers;
  • Students, especially in the areas of communication sciences, social and human sciences, education sciences;
  • Other interested parties.


  • To analyse and understand recent paths, options and experiences of Media Literacy, its potentials and limits;
  • To listen to and debate visions and readings from different contexts of the participants;
  • To evaluate to what extent it is necessary to start working on a new agenda, taking into account the communication ecosystem and the societal challenges.

Registrations must be made through the form.

[Posted: 06-06-2023]