Opening lecture at the 7th International Conference of the CEC (Mozambique) by Moisés Martins

Moisés de Lemos Martins, Director of CECS, gave the opening lecture at the 7th International Conference of the CEC-Center for Interdisciplinary of Communication Studies (Mozambique), choosing the theme “The role of media in network society”. In the opening cerimony, also spoken Iraê Lundin (Higher Institute of International Relations) on “The importance of reconciliation for the consolidation of peace in Mozambique: what role for the media”. The moderation was in charge of Celestino Vaz (UEM), former researcher of the CECS.

The 7th International Conference of the CEC, which took place on October 2 in Maputo, focused on “Media and conflicts: the challenges of guiding public information that promotes dialogue and peace in Mozambique”.

Conference vídeo, here
Complete Conference programme, here

Moisés de Lemos Martins was also one of the speakers at the conference “Research, Knowledge and Cultural Production in the Portuguese language space”, held on October 5 (6:00 pm), in the auditorium of the Central Library of the Polytechnic University (Maputo).