Visual Museum of Lusophony becomes UMinho Cultural Unit

On February 22, at the General Council of the University of Minho, the passage from the Virtual Museum of Lusophony (MVL) to a cultural unit was approved. The MVL seeks to articulate the possibilities of digital technology with the preservation, research and dissemination of the historical-cultural heritage of Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as contributing to the expansion of reciprocal knowledge between these countries, bringing their peoples closer together and promoting intercultural dialogue.

As a cultural unit, MVL will direct its work towards embodying an important commitment by the University of Minho in university extension and knowledge transfer, in the promotion of Portuguese as a language of culture and science, in open access to knowledge and in the development of communities in the Portuguese-speaking space through the internationalization of cultural heritage.

More information about MVL here.

[Posted: 11-02-2021 | Modified: 23-02-2021]