Virtual Museum of Lusophony holds activities on the World Day of Portuguese Language

To celebrate the World Day of Portuguese Language on May 5, the Virtual Museum of Lusophony has organised various activities both in physical spaces and through digital media. Here are the highlights:


On the eve of the celebration, on May 4, at 2.30 pm, the Seminar on Communication and Diversity will take place at the Galeria do Paço – Casa do Conhecimento of the University of Minho. The seminar is dedicated to “Research and Practices in Media Narratives, Historical Consciousness, and Education: Dialogues and Challenges.” Esteemed speakers, including Carlos Alberto de Carvalho (University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), Giane Lessa (Federal University of Latin American Integration, Brazil), Julia Alves Brasil (CECS, University of Minho, Portugal), Manuel Chaparro (University of Malaga, Spain) and Olga Bailey (Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom), will participate in the event.

The meeting is organised in the scope of the project MediaMigraActs, “Migrations, media, and activisms in the Portuguese language: decolonising media landscapes and imagining alternative futures”, hosted by the Centre for Communication and Society Studies (CECS), in partnership with the Virtual Museum of Lusophony and the Casas do Conhecimento.


Collection Launch

On May 5, World Day of the Portuguese Language, the Museum will launch the collection Convergências na Língua Portuguesa, on the Google Arts & Culture platform, based on the 9th Convergências Portugal – Galicia Cultural Festival held between February 10 and 25, 2023. It showcases the festival’s artistic expression, including music, dance, cinema, exhibitions, and workshops in Braga (Portugal), Ponteareas and Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The collection tells the story of the festival and its connection to the Portuguese language through an exclusive interview with the event organisers. The complete exhibition can be accessed at


Collaborative exhibition

Starting on May 8, the Virtual Museum of Lusophony will launch a campaign on its social media networks to create a collaborative virtual exhibition. The campaign titled “Olhares sobre as culturas em Língua Portuguesa” invites the public from Portuguese-speaking countries to contribute content showcasing various artistic expressions such as urban art, dance, music, literature, poetry, cinema, plastic arts, and the occupation of public spaces. The campaign will run throughout May, and the collaborative exhibition will be launched on the Google Arts & Culture platform in July 2023.

[Posted: 04-05-2023]