Multimodal narratives and cultural diversity: alterity, identity and education for the media

On May 24, at 2:30 p.m., in the ICS, a joint session will be held of the permanent seminars on Communication and Diversity and on Media Education dedicated to the theme “Multimodal narratives and cultural diversity: otherness, identity, and education for the average”.

Mariney Pereira Conceição, from the Postgraduate Program in Linguistics of the University of Brasília, will present a communication on “Social identities and intercultural communication: multimodal narratives in education for the media in the contemporary world” and Ana Cristina Pereira, from CECS, will speak on “A huge past ahead of us: identity and otherness in the cinema in Portugal and in Mozambique”.

Mariney Pereira Conceição is a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Language and Cognitive Processes at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is currently Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Linguistics at the University of Brasília. She was the coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics at UnB. Her areas of work involve social identities, multimodal narratives, and education for the media. She has published several articles in specialized journals, books, collections and book chapters in his area of ​​studies. He is the leader of the Research Group “Narratives of Learning and Teaching: Identities, Beliefs, and Experiences” (UnB / Cnpq). She also works as a consultant with education agencies, such as CAPES, the Ministry of Education and the Fulbright Commission.

Ana Cristina Pereira is a doctoral student in Cultural Studies at the Communication and Society Research Centre, University of Minho. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences, specializing in Sociology of Education from the University of Aveiro and a Degree in Theater, specializing in Theater Studies from ESTC in Lisbon and ESMAE in Porto. Her main research interests are cinema, identity, alterity, race, social representations, and cultural memory.

The session will be moderated by Rosa Cabecinhas, a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho and researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre. She is currently director of the Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies at the same university. She has developed research of an interdisciplinary nature and integrates several national and international associations in the areas of communication, psychology, education and cultural studies.

[Posted: 06-05-2019]