New Comunicação e Sociedade on “Communicating in Health in Times of Pandemic”

Has just been launched the new volume of the Comunicação e Sociedade journal dedicated to the theme “Health Communication during a pandemic“, edited by Felisbela Lopes, Rita Araújo and Peter Schulz.

According to the editors, “this issue presents texts that offer us a systemic vision of Communication and Journalism during the pandemic, namely in the first year of SARS-CoV-2”.

“When something happens that is truly unusual and gets widespread attention in a collective of human beings either because the population demand it or the powerful think it is in their interest that the population knows, we are faced with a situation that allows communication researchers and laypersons to study communication at work, directly, immediate, proximal, and one’s own concerns still fresh. Only the unusual events might come between the researcher and her object. If the event is joyful, elation might occupy observers’ hearts and minds. If the event is a threat, fears might distract the observer from observing. If a country is locked down, most everyday tasks in managing one’s life get more difficult and consume more time”, they add.

[Posted: 20-12-2021]