New Comunicação e Sociedade on “Crime, Justice and Media”

The new volume of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade on “Crime, Justice and Media: Debating (Mis) representations and renewed challenges”, edited by Rafaela Granja, Sílvia Gomes and Thaís Sardá., has just been launched.

Understanding the ever-complex relationship between the media, society and crime requires exploring several fluid discussions that connect these domains. How does the media affect the way people think about social issues such as criminality and justice? What is the impact of media coverage of crime on how society responds to it? Do the media have a central role in forming public opinion, does public opinion influence what media report, and/or are there multiple and complex influences within this spectrum? What are the challenges imposed by the several forms of media in the scope of mass communication regarding crime and violence? These and other queries are persistent among media scholars researching this field of study. However, studies have shown no clear-cut answers to these questions as they show complex intersections between them and might change significantly according to geopolitical issues, affected social groups and types of media involved.

[Posted: 16-12-2022]