New Comunicação e Sociedade on “Design and Communication: Digital Challenges and Dilemmas”

The new volume of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade on “Design and Communication: Digital Challenges and Dilemmas”, edited by Daniel Brandão, Nuno Martins and Rachel Cooper, has just been launched.

According to the authors, “our lives are dominated by digital technologies, it influences how we socialise, we work, we play, we shop, we explore the world around us and access knowledge and services. We live in both the digital and the physical world, but the digital world has the power to change what we experience every second, this has resulted in constant enhancement. “Spontaneity and reactivity assume an increasingly prominent role in this communication universe. This inevitably influences social, economic, and political dynamics. Faced with a highly mediated and mediatised world, communication has attained significant power. A dispersed power shared between different protagonists. A power that is not always identifiable and which often tends to be more associated with rumour and crisis than with information and clarification. This power of communication, more and more horizontal, challenges established power bases”, they explain in the introductory note.

Daniel Brandão, Nuno Martins e Rachel Cooper refer that “Technological change in the digital world is occurring at a pace that neither society or legislators are able to keep up with. Since the call for this volume of Comunicação e Sociedade journal we have seen the launch of CHATgpt and BARD. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and robotics are sweeping all areas of society in the developed world, enhancing our transport systems, our healthcare, industry and much more. It is still not clear how it will affect our jobs, our security, and our life. There is so much to understand and communicate”.

[Posted: 03-07-2023]