New Comunicação e Sociedade on “Historical Reparations: Destabilising Constructions of the Colonial Past”

The new volume of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade on “Historical Reparations: Destabilising Constructions From the Colonial Past“, edited by Vítor de Sousa, Sheila Khan and Pedro Schacht Pereira, has just been launched.

About the volume title, the thematic editors state that “an urgent duty of memory is to repair atrocities committed in colonial times through the use of violence by those who colonised. Therefore, the “duty of memory” represents the ethical responsibility never to forget”.

Madalena Oliveira and Daniel Brandão, the new directors of the CECS journal, dedicated a special note to Moisés de Lemos Martins, who directed Comunicação e Sociedade until January 2022. They state that “over 23 years, the trajectory of this periodic publication has been built in progressive response to the most demanding standards of the international knowledge dissemination system. At every stage, its main author’s persistence, conviction, and driving spirit have inspired changes and improved procedures in line with the requirements of indexing agencies and databases”.

[Posted: 22-06-2022]