New publication: “Advertising in the Age of Hyperstimulation”

The book Advertising in the Age of Hyperstimulation, edited by Sara Balonas and Ivone Ferreira, has just been released.

According to the editors, “the texts comprising this book are contextualised in this era of hyperstimulation and showcase the diversity of perspectives on the advertising phenomenon. They highlight a growing presence of social advertising in issues such as the inclusion of gender or ethnicity in the themes of applied research”.

The authors examine advertising from various perspectives, considering changes in society, the rise of new communication channels, changes in consumer profiles and the existence of a globalised market. Additionally, the book delves into reflections on the image, exploring image theory along with semiotics and rhetoric. The research methodologies and techniques employed exhibit diversity, ranging from the informality of an essay to a case study, predominantly using mixed methods.

The book consistently highlights a focus on the social impact of advertising, studying creative strategies aimed at achieving communicational effectiveness. Whether investigating the corporate citizenship of brands or their behavioural change strategies for enhanced well-being or focusing on creativity beyond consumption dedicated to social causes and movements, the articles underscore the importance of content, creativity, and social purpose in 21st-century advertising strategies without neglecting the growing role of the consumer-citizen in the overall process.

In a nutshell, a book dedicated to research on advertising with a focus on transformative action and a heightened emphasis on social impact.

[Posted: 12-01-2024]