New CECS publication: “I am you. Ecocritical experiences”

A new CECS publication entitled I am you. Ecocritical experiences is available on open access. Edited by José Pinheiro Neves, Pedro Rodrigues Costa, Paula de Vilhena Mascarenhas, Ilda Teresa de Castro and Virginia Román Salgado, this book focuses on isolated “ecocritic experiences”.

According to the editors, “each «echo» is self-sufficient, independent of the others. Imagine a book that has no beginning – that just begins and does not have an end – a book that just stops and is suspended floating in the present time climax, without any intention of reaching an end… Imagine a book that does not create expectations, without a definite movement or direction. Now, in your imagination, there is a book where the events of writing exist by themselves instead of participating in This work has the objective of succeeding. Each «eco module» is added with another, then another and yet another and so on continuously, without any apparent relationship between them, except that of wanting the pure charm of build within an abstract literary chain”.

[Posted: 04-01-2021]