New CECS’ publication: “Civic and Critical Literacies: Reflecting and Practicing”

“Civic and Critical Literacies: Reflecting and Practicing” is the title of the latest CECS publication. Included in the pedagogical editions of the centre, this book is published by Maria José Brites, Inês Amaral and Marisa Torres da Silva.

According to the authors, “this book reflects the scientific concerns of the three authors of the work” and there is a common thread: the link with journalism and democracy and its intersection with critical literacy. Therefore, the researchers argue that these critical literacies are “impossible to consider without the growing scientific and social interest in hate speech, in a society where transmedia storytelling points to the imperative of recognizing, using and operating multiplatforms”. “Critical literacy thus goes beyond the classic definition of media education. Critical media literacy, as well as media access, analysis and production, also includes views on power relations”, they add.

The book is available online here.