New publication: “Festividades, Culturas e Comunidades: Património e Sustentabilidade”

The book “Festividades, Culturas e Comunidades: Património e Sustentabilidade”, by Rita Ribeiro, Emília Araújo, Márcia Silva and Alberto Fernandes has just been published. The book is available in open access.

According to the editors, “with contributions from researchers from various continents, this work brings together 35 papers presented at the international conference «Festivals, Cultures and Communities: Heritage and Sustainability». It compiles a collection of ongoing research on festivals from a perspective that focuses on the relationship between festivities and communities, encompassing festive cultures and identities, the (re)valorisation of tradition and cultural and territorial sustainability. Moreover, considering contemporary trends, this publication focuses on the policies and processes of making festivals part of the heritage, their commodification and touristification, and the relationship between festivals, culture and power”.

[Posted: 15-09-2022]