New publication: “Imagens de intervalo. O postal ilustrado e a cultura visual contemporânea”

The book Imagens de intervalo. O postal ilustrado e a cultura visual contemporânea (Interval Images. The illustrated postcard and contemporary visual culture), by Maria da Luz Correia has just been published.

This book stems from the research developed between 2008 and 2013 as part of her doctoral thesis, titled Intermittences in contemporary visual culture: the illustrated postcard and the recreational image (Correia, 2013). The edition is a compacted and revised version of the doctoral thesis supervised by Moisés de Lemos Martins and Michel Maffesoli, a collaboration between the University of Minho and the Université Paris Descartes – Sorbonne, Paris 5.

This work is part of the collective research project Os postais ilustrados para uma socio -semiótica da imagem e do imaginário (The illustrated postcards for a socio-semiotic of the image and the imaginary, PTDC/ CCI/72770/2006). Within the field of Communication Sciences and the sub-domain of Theory of Culture at the University of Minho and in Sociology at the Université Paris Descartes – Sorbonne Paris 5, it received the Excellence Award for Doctoral Theses from the Communication and Society Research Centre in 2017, and it was proposed for publication as a book.

The book is available in open access and is for sale online.

[Posted: 04-02-2022]