New publication: “Mulheres empresárias e empreendedoras”

Ana Paula Marques, researcher at CECS, has just published the book Mulheres empresárias e empreendedoras (Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs).

This book compiles contributions from national and international researchers dedicated to the theme that lends its name to this publication. The choice of the title is intentional, as it intends to highlight the importance of increasing knowledge about the place and role of women in today’s societies, including them in the sphere of economic and entrepreneurial power.

This publication has two purposes: firstly, to give visibility to the economic, organisational, professional and symbolic-valuable autonomy of women, through actual experiences linked to business and entrepreneurship; secondly, to provide a wide and diverse portrait of real situations that reflect thechanges in current productive structures.

The book will soon be available online.

[Posted: 26-04-2022]