New publication: “Pensar Portugal – A Modernidade de um País Antigo”

The book Pensar Portugal – A Modernidade de um País Antigo, written by Moisés de Lemos Martins, has just been published.

According to the author, this “is a book of short essays on social and human sciences, presenting and discussing issues and challenges in Portugal. These essays are case studies in the form of chronicles. The standpoint is not philosophical, aesthetic or political. It is an exercise in understanding the contemporary world, with the social sciences and humanities as its theoretical framework”.

“These essays stem from acknowledging the reflection on practice and recognising the relevance of the imaginary in all social structuring. The book is divided into six parts. Each part begins with a theoretical chapter. These chapters aim to frame, theoretically and methodologically, the short essays, set in the specific context of each of the book’s parts,” the author explains.

[Posted: 19-11-2021]