New Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies on “Intercultural Mediation, Citizenship and Social Development”

The new volume of the Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies on “Intercultural Mediation, Citizenship, and Social Development“, edited by Ana Maria Costa e Silva, Margarida Morgado and Monika Hřebačková, is now available.

According to the editors, “this issue brings together contributions to these themes. Several issues are discussed, and real and potential weaknesses are identified and debated. They inventory the possibilities and creative deviations to social and human disturbance situations experienced in recent years in various geographical, social and human territories. Under the theme of “intercultural mediation, citizenship and social development”, the seven articles included in the thematic section of this issue are expected to broaden readers’ horizons and challenge them to imagine healthier, more intercultural and more inclusive forms of living. They offer reflections on the possibilities of cultural and social interventions in pandemic and post-pandemic times, dialogue and intercultural mediation, and citizenship and social development in diverse contexts and from multiple perspectives”.

[Posted: 29-06-2022]