New book: “Africas: mobility, violence, memory and creativity”

The book Africas: mobility, violence, memory and creativity has just been published, edited by João Sarmento.

This book is one of the results of the Summer School “Áfricas. Mobility, violence, memory and creativity”, organized by the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS), Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho, between July 27 and October 26, 2020. Articulated with the project“ Memories, cultures and identities: the past and present of intercultural relations in Mozambique and Portugal ”(FCT/Aga Khan), the Summer School, financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, had as its starting point four themes and objectives: to understand Africa as a continent of mobility; examine dimensions related to violence, poverty, terrorism and racism; focus on building dimensions memory, highlighting dimensions such as cinema, architecture and heritage; and thinking about the creation process, reflecting on production and consumption strategies and daily lives, both in terms of imagery/symbolism.

Seeking to stimulate a multidisciplinary look from the social sciences, humanities and arts to, on and from the African continent, providing specific training on this territory, the Summer Course focused on training scholarship holders for critical thinking and for discussing strategies, methods, objects and research topics. Knowledge and skills have been developed that allow the design and continuation of autonomous research projects, allowing the scholarship holders to acquire research, analysis, interpretation and criticism skills from sources.

[Posted: 12-04-2021]