CECS researchers in a congress about Great War centenary

Three researchers from CECS participated in the International Congress “Portugal in (and in time of the) Great War” that took place at UTAD, between April 19 and 20.

Alberto Sá, Rosa Cabecinhas and Isabel Macedo were the authors of the study “Representations in the media as a resonance box: the celebrations of the Centenary Great War”. The research addressed issues such as the evocative manifestations of the centenary of Portugal’s participation in the Great War, published in the Portuguese media with an online presence, from the beginning of evocations (2014) to the present.

Since there are no direct witnesses to the First World War, the Centenary make us reflect about the replacement of the communicative memory by the cultural memory. The media communication of these evocative manifestations constitute an opportunity to reflect on the role of the media in the construction of cultural memory, so it is important to analyze representations in the media as a source of the past and as agents of contemporary construction.

The congress marked the centenary of the first major armed conflict worldwide by reflecting on areas such as the memories and textual representations of the Great War, scientific developments, communication and portraits related to this historical period and issues related to Religion and its role during the war.