Ouvido Crítico back to Antena 1

The Media Education program that brings together Antena 1 and MILObs (Observatory on Media, Information and Literacy), from the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho, is back on the air Tuesday, October 6, shortly after 3:45 pm. The first programs will address topics such as the Netflix movie Mignonnes, the Attention Economy and the unequal conditions of access to technology during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this, which will be the third year of broadcasting of the program (interrupted in March due to Covid-19), the presentation will be in charge of Antena 1 journalist, Noémia Gonçalves, replacing Tiago Alves, who led the previous two seasons.

The philosophy of the program, authored by Manuel Pinto, Sara Pereira and Joana Fillol, remains: it is intended to capture the other side of the media, to talk about what is behind the messages that reach us daily through the most diverse media. communication, challenge us to think about the media from several points of view: how do they represent reality? What power do they have in the way we see the world? How are we consuming them?

The program’s microphones will also open up again to several guests – scholars of Education for the Media or agents who, in different parts of the country and in the most varied contexts (institutional, school, associative …), carry out innovative projects in this scope.

All editions of the Ouvido Crítico carried out so far are available on the MILObs page, in the resources tab, in podcast.

[Posted: 28-09-2020]