Ouvido Crítico in November

In November, the program “Ouvido Crítico, produced by the MILObs platform, had two editions dedicated to themes such as technologies in the family context, with Teresa Castro, and the autonomy of children in the city, with Cláudia Silva.

This week, the program will be dedicated to “Deepfakes” and will feature Joana Fillol.

Both shows broadcast by Antena 1 in November can now be heard on a podcast on the MILObs website.

Since February 2018, MILObs and Antena 1 have been producing, in partnership, the first radio media education program in Portugal. Weekly, on Wednesdays shortly after three, the “Critical Ear” airs, a space where, for a few minutes, it is the media themselves – and the messages they transmit – that are highlighted.

The show, authored by Manuel Pinto, Sara Pereira and Joana Fillol, moderated by Tiago Alves, has already tackled several themes and brought some guests to the studio (Cristina Ponte, Pedro Portela, Sérgio Gomes da Silva).

[Posted: 03-12-2019]