“Anticipated pasts, returning futures: the fiction of João Paulo Borges Coelho”

The CECS researcher, Sheila Khan, is a coauthor of the text “Anticipated pasts, returning futures: the fiction of João Paulo Borges Coelho”, a presentation of Volume 10, issue 18 of Mulemba Journal of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

In the text, the authors state that “15 years after its emergence, the literary project of João Paulo Borges Coelho affirms today as one of those rare cases that reconciles regularity in production, artistic experimentation and a healthy dose of estrangement from the market spotlight. Divided into novels, novels and stories, his twelve books opened formal and thematic paths to Portuguese-language letters and quickly captivated the attention of a vast critical mass, including in Brazil, where the author has not yet been published”.

Sheila Khan and her colleagues explain that “this issue of Mulemba Journal seeks to give, as well as continuity to the discussions begun in Lisbon [in the First International Memory Mapper: Poetics of João Paulo Borges Coelho], the measure of importance and plurality of horizons that the writing of João Paulo Borges Coelho offers the reader and the critic”.

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